Konstantin 2019 | image: Abstract Productions
Konstantin 1st stage 2019: Kaira Hachefa and Erick Mitzak in rehearsal
Konstantin 2020: Alison as Babcia, animation sequence | image: Dagmara Gieysztor
Konstantin: Grandmother’s Tongue 2021-22 Konstantin 2022 | image: Abstract Productions
Konstantin 2022: ensemble | image: Rick Evertz
Konstantin 2022: In the Middle rap | image: Suzi Jacmenovic

The Konstantin Projekt

Tales of chickens, eggs and human migration …

So why is the chicken still crossing the sea? Imbued with symbols from Slavic mythology, this contemporary multidisciplinary fairytale draws on Eastern European folk music, art and storytelling traditions to offer new perspectives on the experience of migration from a woman’s point of view. Through music, song, puppetry, images and Grandmother Babcia’s stories, the adventures of our Hero, Konstantin the Rooster, and his many descendants remind us of past histories and prompt us to look with hope and humour towards an uncertain future.

Alison Richards: Writer, Performer, Project Director

Lead Collaborators: Dagmara Gieysztor (Designer, Visual Dramaturg), Nela Trifković (Composer, Musical Director)


Stage 1 Development

Konstantin: The Chicken and The Egg 2019-20

Focus: exploring story and image through shadow puppetry and animation

Proudly supported by: City of Stonnington, The Substation Newport and private donors; auspiced by Black Hole Theatre; community partner Kinross Arts. Thanks to Toorak Uniting Church, Scouting Victoria.

Community Partner: Kinross Arts

Participating Artists: Alison Richards (writer and performer), Dagmara Gieysztor (design and digital dramaturgy), Mick Hwat (animations), Erik Mitzak, Kaira Hachefa (puppeteers and performers), Mike Bevitt, Bao Ghislain (puppetry consultants), Chris Bennett (video). Special thanks to Nancy Black, Nicole Warren, Rosalie Baylor and Jason Whyte.


Stage 2 Development and Performance

Konstantin: Grandmother’s Tongue 2021-22

Focus: Development and presentation of an original song cycle, with layered elements including live performance, puppetry, storytelling and digital projection

Funded by City of Melbourne and private donations including via the Australian Cultural Fund; auspiced by The Boîte (Vic) Inc

Premiere performance season: Concert version including livestream, at The Mission to Seafarers Victoria, Docklands Melbourne VIC 3008 May 22-23, 2022

Presented by The Boîte in association with The Konstantin Projekt

Proudly supported by: City of Melbourne, City of Stonnington, Black Hole Theatre, The Substation Newport, Australian Cultural Fund

Participating Artists: Justine Anderson, Eva Glover, David Howell (singers); Ernie Gruner, Gemma Horbury, Joy Lee (musicians)

Production and technical support by Harmonic Whale and Abstract Productions


Stage 3 The Konstantin Projekt 2023

UPCOMING performance season: Full theatre version at The Loft, Chapel Off Chapel Prahran VIC 3181
June 23-25, 2023

Bookings: Konstantin: Grandmother’s Tongue

Presented by The Konstantin Projekt

Proudly supported by: City of Stonnington, City of Melbourne, The Substation Newport, Mission to Seafarers Victoria, Australian Cultural Fund and private donors; auspiced by The Boite (Vic) Inc (2022) and Black Hole Theatre Inc (2023)

Participating Artists: Alison Richards (writer and performer), Nela Trifković (composer and musical director), Dagmara Gieysztor (design and animations), Justine Anderson (soprano), Eva Glover (mezzo), David Howell (singer and musician), Gemma Horbury (musician and performer), Joy Lee (piano 2022), Victoria Bilogan (piano 2023), Kaira Hachefa (puppeteer and performer 2023)

Hen puppet by Barbara Joyce
Images and animations by Abstract Productions

Production credits:
2022: Production Co-ordinator Daniel Jauregui Martinez; Production and livestream consultant Eyal Chipkiewicz; production, technical support and animation by Abstract Productions and Harmonic Whale; lighting design and operation Tom Willis, BRiC LX. Rehearsal photography Luka Lazović; performance photography Susie Jacmenović, Ric Evertz. Thanks to City of Melbourne Libraries and Prahran Square. Special thanks to James Adler, Cathy Dowden, Zulya Kamalova, Holly Mouat, Sylvie Leber, Therese Virtue, Daria Wray, Arnold Zable.

2023: Performance dramaturgy Irine Vela; Production admin Mikk Hwat; SM and LX Calysta Morgan;
video and documentation Sharif Muniir; publicity Zilla and Brook. Thanks to City of Moreland for rehearsal space, Nicole Warren and Rosalie Baylor from City of Stonnington’s Events, Arts and Culture team for their ongoing support; Cate Crowley and staff at Chapel of Chapel for everything!
Special thanks to Nancy Black and Jason Whyte.